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AFATI I FUNDIT: 10/06/2024


CARITAS - Empowering Rural Economies in Agriculture (EREA) project






Facilitating the establishment of Partnerships with Buyers of Agribusinesses through online channels 

Design and Development of the Online Platform

in the frame of the programme Empowering Rural Economies in Agriculture (EREA),

implemented by Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo, funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)


The Empowering Rural Economies in Agriculture (EREA) programme in Kosovo is designed to address the evolving role of agriculture in the country’s economy and environment. Currently contributing 7% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the sector employs a significant quarter of the workforce, particularly in rural areas where two-thirds of the population reside. Despite its importance, agricultural productivity levels lag behind regional and international benchmarks due to limited adoption of modern inputs and technologies, insufficient expertise in good agricultural practices, restricted market integration, and challenges in accessing finance.

There are numerous constraints identified that could and must be addressed to bring about systemic change in the assessed agricultural sectors. Some constraints are relevant to all sectors like the access to new markets and alternative ways of products’ promotion and selling.

Kosovo’s agribusiness sector, particularly in the production of berries, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Non-Wood Forest Products (MAP-NWFP), and vegetable and fruit processing, holds significant potential for international markets. To capitalize on this potential, there is a need for an online platform that effectively promotes local agribusinesses to international buyers while also facilitating networking opportunities among local companies.

The EREA project supports the development of an Online Platform that will improve access to new markets and sale options for local agribusinesses, improving the competitiveness of farmers and agribusinesses in EREA priority sectors, by building their promotional and networking capabilities and making them more attractive as potential clients for buyers and other distributors and providers, thus reducing the gap between supply and demand.


The main Objective/Purpose of this assignment is to facilitate the establishment of partnerships between local agribusinesses with local/international buyers through online channels.

  1. Online Platform Development: Create a user-friendly, secure, and scalable online platform that effectively showcases the products and uniqueness of local agribusinesses.
  2. Networking Facilitation: Enable features within the platform that support Agrodev’s efforts to facilitate networking and collaboration between local agribusinesses and international buyers.
  3. Awareness Support: Implement tools and features that allow Agrodev to efficiently raise awareness about local products’ availability and quality to both local agribusinesses and international buyers.
  4. Sustainability Planning: Provide technical insights and recommendations that will assist Agrodev in developing a long-term sustainability plan for the platform.


The IT company will be responsible for:

  • Collaborate with AgroDev Kosovo and national associations representing the berry (Mjedra e Kosovës), MAP-NWFP (Organika), and vegetable and fruit processing sectors (PePeKo), as well as programme staff, to understand the requirements and preferences of local agribusinesses and international buyers.
  • Design the platform according to the needs and specifications provided by Agrodev and the national associations, ensuring it meets the expectations of all stakeholders involved.
  • Designing and developing a user-friendly online platform with the following features:
    • Product showcasing with detailed descriptions and images,
    • Search and filter functionality for easy navigation based on product categories and attributes.
    • Integration of contact details (phone, email, website) of local agribusinesses, allowing users to directly reach out to them from the platform,
    • Mobile responsiveness for seamless accessibility across various devices,
    • Implementing strong security measures (encryption measures/protocols and data backup procedures) to safeguard user data and ensure secure browsing.
  • Providing technical support and maintenance post-launch to address any issues and ensure smooth platform operation.


Through this assignment, the IT Company is expected to achieve the deliverables/accomplishments as stated below:

    • Project Plan: A detailed project plan outlining milestones and timelines for the development and implementation of the online platform.
    • Wireframes and Mockups: Visual representations of the platform’s design, including wireframes and mockups, to provide a clear understanding of its layout and features.
    • Fully Functional Online Platform: Development and deployment of a fully functional online platform that meets the specified requirements outlined in the project scope.
    • Documentation and User Manuals: Creation of comprehensive documentation and user manuals to guide platform usage and maintenance for administrators and users, to be also accessible online through the platform.
    • Training Sessions: Conducting training sessions for platform administrators, to ensure they are proficient in managing and maintaining the platform effectively.


  • Post-Launch Maintenance: Providing technical support and maintenance post-launch to address any issues and ensure smooth platform operation.
  • Final Report: outlining all the performed tasks during the engagement.


Interested service providers should be locally registered businesses with experience in the following:

  • A minimum of 7 years of professional work experience in developing information technology solutions, e-commerce experience, digital platforms, web based and mobile applications and innovative technology designs.
  • The applicant / team leader to have an educational background in software development, computer engineering and /or information technology.
  • Demonstrated expertise of working with social and/or business enterprises in introducing solutions for development issues.
  • Experience in solutions that enhance user experience, and integrate features tailored to the target market’s needs
  • Portfolio of work demonstrating innovative technological solutions/models.
  • Knowledge of the agricultural sector, particularly related to agribusinesses, to ensure the platform meets the specific needs of this industry.


The activity will commence once the contract has been signed by both parties and will end by the end on 31.12.2024. For this activity, the consultancy amount shall not exceed 7,000.00 € unless negotiated in advance with the EREA Project Manager and approved by the Caritas Switzerland Country Director.


Interested private companies/service providers are requested to submit an electronic copy of their expression of interest/proposal by the 10th of June 2024 with the subject REF: “Development of the Online Platform” to kosovo@caritas.ch and CC to npasuli@caritas.ch and vrruka@caritas.ch, in the CC line.

Applicants must submit:

  • The project proposal/methodology for the development of an Online Platform shall be presented;
  • Professional profile of the team/company (CVs of all individuals included in the assignment);
  • References showing the company’s/service provider’s suitability and previous work experience, qualifications etc. related to this assignment;
  • Composition and division of work between team members;
  • Draft work plan and suggested timetable;
  • Financial offer/detailed budget for the assignment based on the proposal and the set timeframe.

Please Note: the three shortlisted consultants/teams will present the platform idea to the selection committee.

The offer will be evaluated by using the best value for money approach (combined scoring method). Technical proposal will be evaluated with 80% weight, whereas the financial one will be evaluated with 20%. Offers that do not include all submission requirements will not be evaluated and considered ineligible.

Bidding Cost: Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo will not cover bidding costs and reserves the right to accept or refuse bidders, or to annul or postpone the whole bidding process before signing of any agreements.

Qershor, 2024

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